Fishing with Cape Cod Offshore

Why book with us?

When you book a trip with Cape Cod Offshore, you are setting yourself up for an incredible day and a lifetime of memories. Whether it is a family vacation on Cape Cod, a bachelor party, a day trip for the boys, or just a chance at targeting bluefin tuna on spinning gear, you have come to the right charter service! We pride ourselves on the quantity and quality of the fish we catch, not the amount of charters we run every week. We focus on every individual trip, and every individual on the trip to make sure everyone has the best possible experience!

Custom trips suited to you!!

We offer custom trips designed around the experience YOU want to have! My personal favorite trip is an early morning headed out looking for tuna on top. Around mid day we will pack up and change gears, headed in to the striper grounds to bend some more rods. Stripers are usually somewhere not too far out of the way and make for a great finish to the day. Ask about our combo trips and let us know what you'd like to see on your trip!

The mobility of a fast center console boat on a trailer means we can launch anywhere! Typically we are fishing out of Dennis, but we also launch in Barnstable, Chatham, Falmouth, Harwich, and Yarmouth as our most frequented ports. There a many other charter boats in Dennis, but when you fish with Cape Cod Offshore you are not limiting yourself to one body of water!

Hooked in to a big fish!

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a cow striped bass or bluefin tuna explode on your plug! It is nothing short of a crater left in the water where your lure used to be, coupled with a singing drag and bent rod! If you are like me and this gets you fired up, we are going to have a great time! 

Depending on the type of fish and time of the year our tactics vary. I try to keep all of my trips primarily light tackle and spinning rods, but sometime the best chance to catch a fish is using a trolling tactic. I employ very light tackle on these trips as well so it is always going to be a great battle!


We take safety onboard very seriously. All of the safety gear is top notch and inspected before each trip. You will recieve a detiled safety induction and explanation on what to do if there is an emergency. This will happen before we leave the dock. I carry an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) at all times. It will be easily accessible at all times. 

No excessive drinking will be allowed onboard, and that means when you show up to the dock you must be sober. Hard alcohol and drugs are not permitted onboard. 

What To Bring

I will supply all fishing equipment and tackle. If you have your own gear and really would like to use it, let me know before the trip what it is that you have. 

You should bring snacks always, and a lunch if the trip will be more than 5 hours. An empty stomach is the fastest way to get seasick. Bring enough beverages to stay hydrated in the sun for the duration of the trip. I usually have water bottles onboard as well. Beer is allowed but there will be no excessive drinking. No hard alcohol or drugs onboard. Try to pack as few coolers as possible. I will have a cooler and ice for the fish as well as some extra room for drinks/food. I try to keep the deck clutter free. 

Look at the weather the night before. We do fish in the rain and sometimes it gets cold even in the middle of summer. I have plenty of dry storage for a reasonable amount of clothing.


Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must!!

If you have any questions on what else to bring or if you are over/under packing, just ask. 

Capt. Rob